10金のダイヤリング Dialing of K10

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The type without the stone at the center of the design of "Qui joue rond" was made.
Moreover, it is pink gold of K10.
It is an experiment to keep cheap.
Difference between hardness and color of set of stone and durability, etc.All were the great results.
There are all diamonds in the part that swelled roundly.
It is as thin as the line between the diamond and the diamond and beautiful.
It makes it to the commodity afterwards when the prototype is corrected.

『shirokuma(シロクマ)の宮田要です。Qui joue rond(キジュロン)のデザインで、中石が無いタイプを作りました。しかも10金のピンクゴールドです。おもとめやすい価格にするための実験でもありました。石留めの硬度や色の違い、耐久性などなど。全て合格でした。丸くふくらんだ部分は全てダイヤが入っています。つなぎの部分は着けたら線のように細くてきれいです。もう少し原型を修正したら商品にしよう。』
結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

ホームページできました。The homepage was completed.

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
Kuma and guma was made from pink gold, and it painted white.
Unusual paints that stiffen because of ultraviolet rays though it is similar paints to cloisonne scorch coming.
Therefore, the photograph of sunbathing.
White with a transparent feeling is good.
The homepage of Shirokuma was completed.
It improves it little by little now.
Please continue your favors toward assistance.

『シロクマの宮田要です。クマとグマ(kuma and guma)をピンクゴールドで作りまして、白く塗ってみました。七宝と同じような塗料ですが紫外線で硬化する珍しいタイプ。そして日光浴の様子。透明感がある白が良い感じです。Shirokumaのホームページができました。今から少しずつ肉付けします。応援宜しく願います。』

シーリングのペンダント完成 The pendant of the sealing is completed

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I'm sorry by the matter on August 16.
It carved it without making a mistake this time. And, it completed it.
The stamping of the sealing is difficult.
It researches a little more.
The shellfish of the black pearl might be a cause.
However, it is wonderful as the pendant.
Pendant made of silver and pink gold of 2.5cm in the total length.
It is happy there to be a showing place in all directions.
The leaf was sculptured to the table of pink gold in the part that did not reflect.
Meat in a very small back of the foot is also good.


ベアとボア Bear and Boar

bear boar wax
I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I am making the ring that makes the polar bear a motif again.
This is a wax prototype.
This is cast and it makes it to the silver prototype.
"Kuma and Guma" made before is "mother and child" and here is "father and child. "
It was named, "Bear and Boar".
Father who is "Bear" is sleeping on the ring.
The child who is "Boar" is playing across the ring.


ダイヤリングのユピ Youpi of ring of diamond


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
A wax prototype ring on August 26 finished in this way.
The stone at the center is a diamond of 0.3ct. The material was made from platinum.
Fruits of pink gold adhere.
I want to see the one that the part was made a diamond.
I think that this becomes may be lighter than that wax.
It is good-looking on the guitar.
The name is called youpi.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

スクエアダイヤのフルオーダーリング Full ordering of square diamond

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I got the nomination from the customer of the jewelry shop 'Spoon' where it was on the register before I became independent.
And, it is a ring of the produced full order.
'Spoon' is welcome existence that still recommends my design.
The stone at the center is a diamond of about 2ct. A sideward stone is 0.5ct. It is very gorgeous.
The design is a very symmetry.
The stone at the center is "Square cutting" that cracks easily when putting it.
It was strained after a long time.
Today's delivery completion safely.
I am very pleased to be very pleased with the customer.


結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

宮田 要

Author:宮田 要
◎Shirokuma ホームページ
I did high-level jewelry from the design to production for 15 years.
There is Shirokuma at Nishidori Tenjin Fukuoka.

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