リスが持っているもの Thing that squirrel has in hand

リス キリン パンダ シルバーリング

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
Group that introduced it by blog before last. It completed it. It is made of silver.
A black panda part is a sulfuretted black. A white point is white of the oxidation.
It seemed to was a panda at last and it became it.
And, the part where I wanted to take the photograph by all means is a thing that the squirrel is eating.
It is a diamond of 1.0mm. It seems to be large in the hand of him though it is only 1.0mm.
Because the diamond shines even if it is such small, I like it.


ミクロ動物園に新入り New facee of micro zoo

rabbit elephant ウサギ 象 リング シルバー 

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It adds it to micro zoo. It is a rabbit and an elephant.
It hardly understands in the photograph though the rabbit has the front tooth.
With the unassisted eye though it doesn't understand more.
Because it is a feature of jewelry, it is good.
However, is there a rabbit that has gone out teeth?


ミクロ動物園 micro zoo

micro zoo リス キリン パンダ リング シルバー

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The number of companions of the polar bear that is attaching to the ring has been increased.
From this side to squirrel, giraffe, and panda it
It is not seeing it actually small though is large when seeing in the photograph.
Wax was cast with silver.
This silver prototype is finished up now.
If it is not black and white, the panda has understood the panda is not seen.
Do I only have to make it to two colors?


3等分リフォーム Three capitation reform


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
To transfer and to divide the received ring by three people, three capitation.
The origin is a ring with wide width of the width of 5mm.
Carving pattern of Japan style of antique plum tree and pine.
It became a thin, lovely ring in case of three capitation.
It is difficult to cut the loss straight in the minimum though it is a simple processing.
Please enjoy matching the pattern when meeting in three people.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

白蝶貝のシロクマ The polar bear is made from the shell of the south seas pearl.


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It stocked with the shell of the south seas pearl.
Therefore, the pendant of polar bear's shape is made.
The shell of the south seas pearl is clipped, polished, raised to polar bear's shape, and the frame is made.
It is glad when becoming sparkling.
The length is 1.5cm. Small size like fingernail.
A green wax part will be made pink gold.


ペットがリングになる。2匹目。 The pet is made the motif of the ring.The second.


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is another continuously one.
Is this dog Corgi with the tail?
This small sculpture is made referring to customer's photograph.
It is difficult to show the balance of a peculiar body and foot to this kinds of dogs.
I hope that the owner likes it.


宮田 要

Author:宮田 要
◎Shirokuma ホームページ
I did high-level jewelry from the design to production for 15 years.
There is Shirokuma at Nishidori Tenjin Fukuoka.

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