山羊の続き Continuation of goat's pendant


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is while goat's silver prototype is produced.
It put it on the necklace by way of experiment.
The letter was put up to the point of the necklace.
It is addition diamond
Because goat's Vatican doesn't like it, let's think a little more well.

Thank you indeed for the reading rooting of dusting it this year.
The last blog of this year. It carried it out though it managed to be coarse.
Please continue your favors toward continuation because of holding out next year Shirokuma.
I wish you a happy new year.


猫のペンダント Cat's pendant


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It introduces only animal's wax every week. It introduces the cat this time. It is Cast in K18.
The pendant that makes the pet a motif is made.
Because neither the pig nor the goat, etc. were getting used to seeing so much, it was difficult.
Because the cat was getting used to seeing compared with it, it was easy.
However, because the cat was getting used to seeing even a detailed difference, it was difficult to model it on the pet.
Please forgive me because it is the small one.


ブタのペンダント Pig's pendant


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The last continuation.
This wax is a child pig.
This becomes a pendant, too.
Three brothers are made.
The house not blown off is built.


山羊のペンダント Goat's pendant

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
Moreover, it appears. iPhone to compare sizes.
This WAX prototype is very small.
It is a child goat this time.
It is scheduled to become a pendant.
This brother is being produced now.
Was it too small for a moment?


続、リボンのリング Continuation of "rings of ribbon"

マリッジリング リボン 

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is continuation of the blog October 24.
It is trying and erring variously still.
It makes it as the ribbon coiled.
Or, it thins or the thorn is applied.
It swerved from the right path a little.
The by-product seems to arise variously.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

ペットがリングになりました。 A pet ring was completed.

ペット犬リングpet dog ring silver
I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The ring that made the pet a motif was completed.
And, it was pleased when receiving from the guest and passing it.
It seems to be interesting to make the pendant. Or, devising the color have a lot of means.
A lot of animals have been made since last month.
It was exhibited in the net shop as micro zoo.
Please exclude it.
Or, please buy it.


宮田 要

Author:宮田 要
◎Shirokuma ホームページ
I did high-level jewelry from the design to production for 15 years.
There is Shirokuma at Nishidori Tenjin Fukuoka.

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