Relais(ルレ) エンゲージリング


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I am making 18 money ring by using the prototype introduces by the last blog.
The diamond is put, and the image is confirmed.
It is actually thin and refreshingly though it is a photograph where the shine is remarkable.
The character was carved for the arm.
It worried to which about it made it because I may apply a small diamond to the part.
It was named "Relais".

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP



I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I am making the prototype of the ring now.
It is a design like the arabesque like the ribbon.
A central stone of 0.3ct is scheduled to be used.
The rose cut seems to be suitable for the design.
The design is scheduled to be added to the part of the arm a little more.
It seems to be able to do the lovely one.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

白蝶貝のシロクマ The polar bear is made from the shell of the south seas pearl.

クマbear白蝶真珠pearlペンダントpendant K18pink

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The prototype of the pendant of the shell of the south seas pearl that had been introduced before was completed.
It made it from K18 pink gold.
The point is an ear.
It is simple and it is lovely.
I want to make various shape.


ウサギとカメ The rabbit and tortoise

ウサギ rabbit 亀 tortoiseペンダント

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
The rabbit and tortoise is made.
The prototype is made.
Photograph of commodity image.
It variously thinks whether to make the material what, and to put up the stone.
I have caught a cold for a long time since the new year.
Take care about your cold.


オオカミのペンダント wolf's pendant

wolf's pendant狼ペンダント3匹の子ブタ

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
I am making wolf's pendant.
It is a scene to which the wolf cannot break the house of the brick and it is depressed.
Because the sizes were going to be compared, it took it on the cracker.
It sees it in the scene of "good smell".
The grain of the salt looks large.


ウサギのペンダント rabbit's pendant


Happy new year.
I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is year of the rabbit.
These become pendants.
These are the wax prototypes. Shall I make the material from what?
The turtle seems to pass it.
Please assist also this year.


宮田 要

Author:宮田 要
◎Shirokuma ホームページ
I did high-level jewelry from the design to production for 15 years.
There is Shirokuma at Nishidori Tenjin Fukuoka.

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