結び目があるマリッジリングのミル打ち Marriage ring with choke end


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is "omusubi" of a new marriage ring.
It introduced it as a wax prototype on June 4.
There is an auspicious choke end.
Various arrangements will be able to be done in this. The mill was put in this pair.
The size of the grain of two rings was changed.
There is sticking to in this processing. This one stamp is marked to the surprise.
Grain is uneven because because of good.
It looks like the hatred of the line drawn with the rule.
It marks it though it faints a little with love by one.


結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

ローズゴールド rose gold


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It is a ring"Isabera" introduced as a marriage ring of "Shirokuma" before.
It made it from materials other than platinum.
The interior is a ring of platinum it is ring of a new material though is forward.
It is a color that is better-looking than it is said it is considerably more wan, and lovelier than pink gold.
Compatibility is good with Isabella.
It was named the rose gold.
It variously makes it from this material.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

スイートテンリング Sweet ten diamond ring

Sweet tenスイート10ダイヤモンドリングピンクゴールド

I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
This ring is Sweet ten diamond ring. Such a type was made.
It is pink gold and a mill setting. (The blog May 16 is the burial setting in platinum. )The image has changed very much only though it changes a little.
This harmonizes with a simple platinum wedding ring.

結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

白蝶貝のペンダント Shell of the south seas pearl pendant


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
Three points introduced in wax prototype before. It was completed.
Materials are pink all gold.
It became a small pendant of about one centimeter respectively.
It cut down and it divided from one Shell of the south seas pearl into three shape.
It is happy that the color is different by shellfish's part.
The cloud is from the left to gold crossing, the pink color the ribbon, and white.
Shell of the south seas pearl is lovely.
Favorite shape can be ordered.


ブタのリング ring of pig


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
"eko" of the pig that had introduced it to a blog before last in the wax prototype was completed.
It is white the tail ahead with a part of head and hands and feet.
It eats for a long time.
Because I have not seen the pig, it is difficult to make pig's prototype.
It is large and the foot is thin. And, it stands on tiptoe. There is a difference point of a child pig and adult pig, too.
It is interesting when comparing it to the child pig of a top image on the homepage of a right address.


結び目があるマリッジリング Marriage ring with choke end


I am Kaname Miyata of Shirokuma.
It thinks as a design of the wedding ring with "Connection" as the theme.
Photograph under production of the wax prototype.
The woman is lovely and the man is Sharp. It is V line only a little.
Various variations think and it floats.
And, please complete this first of all though I want to take the design of "Obijime"(Belt of Japan style) next time.
結婚指輪 福岡市天神ShirokumaHP

宮田 要

Author:宮田 要
◎Shirokuma ホームページ
I did high-level jewelry from the design to production for 15 years.
There is Shirokuma at Nishidori Tenjin Fukuoka.

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